Developing a diverse array of formulations
to meet a wide range of consumer and industry needs

In our R&D department, every researcher takes up new challenges and, beginning with the development of original formulations, brings passion to fulfilling our customers' requests. Through collaboration between our sales and R&D departments, we offer reliable, high-quality products that reflect market needs as soon as they arise. Currently, we are working on strengthening and increasing our prescription development, analyses, regulatory filings, and patent acquisitions in order to deliver product development of always-reliable quality.

Formulation Development

To fulfill our customers’ product requests, we develop formulations through repeated trials, until we obtain our customers’ complete satisfaction. Based on our know-how, we can also develop original formulations incorporating the client's desired brand image and ideas. For scaling up our mass production, we carefully select the optimal manufacturing equipment and facilities, while evaluating whether quality standards are met, starting from the initial preparation stages.

Bringing new challenges to life

Responding to customers needs

We develop a wide range of products from cosmetics and quasi-drugs to industrial products such as deodorants, detergents and lubricants. We can also make sample prototypes of aerosols, including mist and foam sprays, and various fillings for bottle, jar, and tube products according to customer demand.

Searching for new seeds of growth

We collect information on various multifaceted materials by engaging with research institutes, universities and companies from different industries, and study a diverse range of applications in the field of cosmetics.

Partnerships with industry,
government and academia

We collaborate with academic research institutes to develop innovative and ever safer products. Examples include anti-hay fever products and antiperspirants.

Our Evaluation Process

Research Facilities

Stratum Corneum Moisture Measuring Device
SKICON-200 EX (manufactured by IBS)

This device measures the moisture content of the stratum corneum using electric conductivity.
With this, we can conduct physiological and pharmacological studies of the stratum corneum to evaluate the moisturizing effect of cosmetics and external medicines.

Laser Diffraction Size Analyzer
LDSA-2400A (manufactured by Tohnichi Computer)

This device measures the particle size distributions of powders and aerosols using laser light.
It can measure the particle size of aerosols in spray form, and also measure the particle size distribution of powders and emulsions in wet form.

Instrumental Combing Systems

Combing Tester SK-3A (manufactured by Techno Hashimoto)
This device can accurately evaluate and measure combability of hair care products. The load applied when brushing the hair bundle is displayed as a dynamic waveform on the monitor. It can simulate conditions during showers and while rinsing. It can also measure the amount of static electricity generated in drying conditions. Measurement data is automatically compiled and maxima, minima, averages, amplitudes, standard deviations, and integrated values can all be analyzed.

Research Findings

  • Holding Joint Conferences for Business Development

    Our sales and technology departments hold a joint conference once every six months. The technology development department announces the latest formulation developments and work towards meeting customer needs.

  • Joint Research

    We collaborate with universities and industrial technology centers to propose functional formulations based on detailed academic evidence.

  • Exhibitions at Cosmetics Trade Fairs

    In addition to proposing our latest formulation developments, we actively research market changes, and collect information on new components to further product innovation.

Exhibited Products

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